About Dynamic Medical Imaging

At Dynamic Medical Imaging, we strive for nothing less than excellent service and are dedicated to putting our patients first. Our caring and compassionate staff is committed to superior-quality reports, procedural safety and innovation in medical technology. We have multiple outpatient locations for your convenience, and patients and referring physicians alike can expect up-to-date digital diagnostic equipment for better image quality.

A Leader in Our Industry

What Our Patients are Saying

"My technician was courteous and friendly. Explained procedure well, my overall experience was great." – J.J.

"Excellent service and really took good care of me. They were able to squeeze me in." –R.M.

"Whole office are always very helpful over the phone and during visits." – C.L.

"Pam is awesome, so wonderful and friendly. Reduces patient's anxiety." – D.S.

"Very courteous when I called, entered, filled out paperwork and exited. CAT scan by Elizabeth was also warm. It's great to have this type of treatment. I've experienced differently at other centers." – R.C.

"Juanita helped me and she was very sweet. Great customer service. I also observed Lauren with many elderly patients. She was so sweet, so compassionate with each patient, she came in contact with. She looked them in the eyes and gave them her complete attention. You have a couple of great young ladies at your windows helping. Thank you." – T.K.

"Very good experience. Excellent and very professional, competent, yet kind. Keep up the good work and thanks." – S.D.

"I appreciate the professionalism positive bedside manner and clean facility. Thank you for helping this testing go smooth!" – A.G.

"Excellent and superb service. Please keep all the staff members, they're an awesome team." – T.C.

"5 stars for them all! great and so courteous. A special place to recommend to friends. Thank you." – S.H.